Heavy Equipment Repair Services Kansas City

Heavy Equipment Repair Services Kansas City

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We are your one-stop destination for heavy equipment repair and maintenance services across Kansas City.

Heavy Equipment Repair Services Kansas City is a pioneering family-owned business with several decades of industry-relevant experience and an unmatched reputation in the field of heavy equipment repairs in Kansas City. You can contact our team of heavy equipment repair experts in Kansas City to get the most out of your requirements quickly, easily, and affordably.

You can rely on Heavy Equipment Repair Kansas City for:

Hire Our Factory-Certified Technicians for Your Project

When the overall safety and results are your topmost priorities for heavy equipment, you can count on the expertise of Heavy Equipment Repair Kansas City technicians. We take care of both small-scale as well as large-scale projects -including engine repairs, air conditioning repairs, electrical repairs, hydraulic repairs, emergency repairs, and so more.

Through several years, our team of highly qualified and experienced technicians has gained in-depth knowledge and expertise working on a wide range of heavy equipment. Our experienced team of trained technicians in Kansas City can work effectively on heavy equipment from leading manufacturers (not limited to), including:

Our Kansas City workshop is well-organized, clean, and handles the highest grade of heavy equipment fleet and appliances to assist the clients. Our experts have access to the necessary tools, resources, and lifts to handle complicated heavy equipment repairs and preventative maintenance.

We Work on a Wide Range of Heavy Equipment

Each technician in our service team is equipped with the latest up-to-date knowledge and cutting-edge tools to diagnose common issues, ensure repairs, and offer customized solutions. Since our inception, Heavy Equipment Repair Kansas City has been serving a wide range of industry verticals on projects that are both simple as well as complex.

If you are in need of fleet repair and maintenance services, you can reach out to our heavy equipment repair specialists working on a wide range of heavy equipment, including:

Browse Through Our Comprehensive Heavy Equipment Repair Kansas City Services

It is important to ensure heavy equipment repairs and maintenance from time to time. Downtime due to damage to the machines can be damaging.

At Heavy Equipment Repair Kansas City, we understand that large-scale heavy equipment for construction, industrial applications, and road maintenance are crucial. Our experienced technicians come up with relevant solutions throughout repairs of heavy equipment, its maintenance, and custom machine designs. Rely on our trusted technicians to prevent unimportant down time with a dedicated heavy equipment maintenance plan. Contact us now to repair damaged equipment or fleet.

When you avail professional services from Heavy Equipment Repairs in Kansas City from our experts, you can expect the following set of services:


    We offer services for all models and makes of heavy construction or industrial equipment. To ensure the same, we invest in a trained group of experts while using cutting-edge technology and tools to deliver the best range of solutions in Kansas City. We offer guaranteed response times for our customers as we offer professional services 24/7.

    Call now and see how Heavy Equipment Repair Kansas City can help you! Your manufacturing needs and concerns are our topmost priorities. We look forward to hearing from you!

    Air Conditioning Repairs

    Since our inception, our commitment to the customers through top-quality heavy equipment air conditioning repair solutions has helped us expanding into a reputed brand in the heavy equipment industry. Now, our support extends beyond reliable services, quality products, and delivery.

    Is the air conditioning system in your heavy equipment starting to fail? One of our experienced technicians can help you obtain the desired results. During our in-depth inspection of the heavy equipment, our qualified technicians will look into every aspect of the air conditioning system of the equipment. If any part has been contaminated or suffered damage, our experts perform remediation steps right away.

    Minimize costs and ensure the overall cool during warm weather with effective anti-idling products. Moreover, we can also assist you with keeping the standard AC units performing at peak levels with our quick air conditioning repair solutions. At Heavy Equipment Repair Kansas City, we offer a comprehensive range of air conditioning repair services, including:

    Know all about air conditioning repair and maintenance solutions with our help!

    Cylinder Head Resurfacing

    Heavy Equipment Repair Kansas City is a pioneering name in the field of advanced engine solutions for heavy equipment. Utilized by racing teams and the best builders in the nation, our professional cylinder head repair or resurfacing services make use of state-of-the-art digital CNC machining process to save, modify, and maintain cylinder heads.

    Cylinder head repairs are crucial to ensure that your heavy fleet is in its best-working condition. Our expert team of professional mechanics and technicians have ample experience with professional cylinder head resurfacing or repairs. Whether your fleet is an international or a domestic model, we can get your job done right.

    All our engine hauling and maintenance services are backed by proper warranty and assurance of miles to demonstrate our excellent workmanship. Our talented technicians have ample expertise in resurfacing or repairing cylinder heads while repairing leaks at the same time. You can contact us right away to know about cylinder head repair services.

    Windshield Repairs

    A heavy vehicle or equipment in need for glass or windshield repairs can cost you significant amounts of time & money. As a pioneering heavy equipment repair service provider in Kansas City, we are capable of servicing all types of massive commercial as well as industrial vehicles. Our experts repair glass on large-scale commercial and industrial fleet. We can ensure the repair services on-site or transport the fleet to the nearest repair facility. Depending on the overall damage, we can offer complete glass repairs and replacements with a quick turnaround.

    Heavy vehicles and equipment require heavy glass. Therefore, in case it breaks or cracks, it would lead to ample inconvenience. Moreover, it will also create an unsafe environment for the vehicle operators while slowing down productivity levels. At Heavy Equipment Repair Kansas City, we offer renowned heavy equipment or vehicle windshield repair solutions across Kansas City. Call us today and learn more, or schedule the heavy equipment windshield repair services with our experts.

    Our heavy equipment or vehicle windshield repair services include:

    Our team of specialists is capable of repairing and replacing heavy equipment windshields, glass, mirror, and so more. Trust our team of professional experts!

    Transmission Repairs

     Heavy vehicles are vital parts of our modern infrastructure. Whether you are using off-road heavy equipment or operating a fleet of heavy-duty trucks, you should understand the importance of the driving components of your vehicle. At Heavy Equipment Repair Kansas City, we ensure the overall ease by offering a wide range of heavy-duty transmission parts and services to meet specific needs -including re-manufacturing and transmission.

    We are experts in heavy-duty transmission repair services. We have access to the necessary products and services to help you extend the overall life of transmission, improve uptime, and deliver optimal performance -all towards helping you to deliver on-budget, on-time, and on-expectation services.

    At Heavy Equipment Repair Kansas City, our experts are capable of handling a wide range of heavy-duty transmissions, including:

    At Heavy Equipment Repair Kansas City, our facility includes a wide range of service offerings. Our entire service range is focused on keeping you on as well as off the road. Right from the completion of effective driveline repairs to completely rebuilding transmissions, we can do it all. Call us now!

    Drivetrain Rebuild

    We are experts in rebuild solutions in Kansas City. We understand transmissions -inside out. Rebuilding a transmission is a need out of your budget and requirements. With proper maintenance of the transmission component of a heavy-duty vehicle, you can effectively minimize the costs of repairs and replacements for quite a long time. At Heavy Equipment Repair Kansas City, we offer comprehensive drivetrain rebuild and transmission repair services for the best outcomes.

    The drivetrain is the integral system responsible for controlling the transmission of the vehicle while propelling it forward. Due to ongoing working conditions and climate changes, gear oil can break down due to the impact of pressure, air, water, stress, and heat. It can result in work-out gears or gear failure. Whether you need assistance with drivetrain repairs or replacement, Heacy Equipment Repair Kansas City can help.

    Contact us now to know more about our comprehensive heavy equipment services in Kansas City.

    Hydraulic System Repairs

    Whether you are working in railroad, industrial, or automotive environments, units under different industries depend on hydraulic components like valves, pumps, cylinders, motors, and so more. Our team at Heavy Equipment Repair Kansas City has been repairing, engineering, and maintaining parts of the hydraulic system. Whether we deal with production automation or custom lubrication systems, we customize our heavy equipment hydraulic system repairs to suit all your needs.

    For custom systems, our comprehensive hydraulic system examination and diagnosis will ensure an efficient and effective repair solutions. We handle rebuilding, honing, resealing, and even hose replacement solutions to bring a new life to the existing hydraulic system of heavy equipment.

    You can know more about our comprehensive hydraulic system repair solutions in Kansas City by calling us now!

    Electrical Repairs

     Electrical failures can be discouraging for your supervisors, operators, and the entire system. Diesel engines in heavy equipment are quite complex. Therefore, they also feature complicated electrical systems. To ensure its top-notch working condition, we perform world-class electrical repairs and replacements for heavy equipment in Kansas City.

    Heavy Equipment Repair Kansas City has state-of-the-art equipment and tools to effectively detect electrical issues and resolve the same in no time. Contact our experts now!

    Liftgate Repairs

    Liftgates are primarily present on commercial vehicles. Heavy Equipment Repair Kansas City can offer assistance with a detailed preventative maintenance program to avoid the requirement of liftgate repairs from time to time.

    As your liftgate breaks down, we can effectively get it repaired in no time. Contact our liftgate repair experts to expect the best results.

    Preventative Maintenance in Kansas City

    Regular heavy equipment maintenance implies scheduling routine tasks to ensure that your machinery is operating at its peak performance. With our preventative maintenance program, you can ensure detailed visual inspections, technical monitoring, and in-depth oil analysis for anticipating problems and fixing them before they become a major concern.


    Our Rapid Response Team features highly skilled and experienced technicians capable of handling all scales and levels of heavy equipment repairs in Kansas City.


    Heavy Equipment Repair Kansas City can perform repairs and replacement jobs efficiently for most models of heavy equipment manufacturers. We can assist with both on-site mobile and emergency replacement services for your ease.


    We are your one-stop solution for a wide range of heavy equipment repair and replacement services in Kansas City. To get free repair estimate, contact our team now.

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