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Construction Equipment Windshield Repairs to Keep Your Business Running

At Heavy Equipment Repair Kansas City, we wish you to ensure that your heavy equipment and commercial vehicles are always on the running condition. With most businesses featuring large, construction equipment or vehicles, they feature employees operating on a day-to-day basis. When you have multiple trucks and other heavy equipment in use, it increases the overall chance windshield damage to your fleet.

When you require professional construction equipment windshield repairs in Kansas City, our technicians are here to help! Our staff understands that you need your equipment back in operation almost instantly. Heavy Equipment Repair Kansas City offers the ease of appointment setting along with instant arrival time and repair vehicles to fully repair and replace your heavy equipment in the fastest possible time.

We will arrive at your project site, warehouse, or repair shop, and repair the windshield right back as per the expected OEM standards. Every repair or replacement will be executed with ample expertise and precision to make sure that the repair project is up to your satisfaction and working expectations.

Professional Construction Equipment Windshield Repairs in Kansas City

At Heavy Equipment Repair Kansas City, we service the following:

In some cases, heavy equipment and construction machinery have specialty glass installed. Heavy Equipment Repair Kansas City has the right resources to ensure custom glass installation for construction or heavy-duty equipment for a wide fleet of vehicles. We also have the capability to cut custom windshield on-site for specific vehicles like CAT front loaders.

At Heavy Equipment Repair Kansas City, our technicians ensure complete customer satisfaction on our comprehensive range of windshield repairs and replacements -whether standard or custom glass. Our workers function diligently to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

Heavy Equipment Windshield Repair Services Kansas City

If your construction equipment has a chipped, cracked, or broken windshield, we can effectively repair or replace the windshield in the shortest possible period.

We are committed to getting your vehicle back in operation as soon as possible. For heavy-duty vehicle glass or windshield replacement, we are one of the most professional heavy equipment repair service providers offering specialized solutions.

Our windshield repair professionals head to construction sites while working on different cranes, trucks, excavators, and so more.

We can visit the dedicated job sites, repair or replace the glass, and install new windshield. In many instances, we repair excavators, cranes, and other equipment that might be stuck in an accident situation.


    Our team is experienced at visiting where your equipment might be located to execute professional heavy equipment windshield repair services. We have been repairing and replacing glass or windshields in Kansas City for several years. All our repairs will ensure ‘Leak Proof Guarantee’ for all models and makes of commercial construction equipment. If your heavy equipment or commercial vehicle has a crack or chip, call Heavy Equipment Repair Kansas City right now! We are a premier service provider for commercial glass and windshield repairs and replacements 24/7.


    We are your one-stop solution for a wide range of heavy equipment repair and replacement services in Kansas City. To get free repair estimate, contact our team now.

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